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The AmberAir Compact CX V is designed to fulfil the clients’ desire for a reliable, efficient commercial compact air handling unit with the flexibility of modular units. Over 2000 combinations are available with modelling software to find your perfect match:

  • 7 sizes
  • Two types of fans for each size
  • 3 bypass types: 100%, with recirculation or segmented
  • Two types with both water or electrical heaters
  • Right or left maintenance sides
  • The most advanced MCB control equipment or prewiring for your solution
  • Various combinations of pocket or panel filters.

Key features:

  • Customized compact air handling unit with selectable components
  • Top quality SD50+ casing: the best thermal bridging (TB1) and airtightness in the market (L1)
  • Tested at independent laboratories
  • Maintenance friendly: wide access via hinged doors and simple component removal
  • High efficiency: up to 92% heat recovery, new generation EC fans, smart demand ready control, 0-10V modulating controlled integrated electrical heater
  • Outdoor version as a standard in all European climate zones: tested in a climatic chamber
  • Easy 3D modelling and selection with export to .dxf or Autodesk Revit
  • Certified by Eurovent Certita Certification.


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