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Control programs

AmberAir Pool units have been designed to create an ideal microclimate for indoor swimming pool premises. Depending on settings and air parameters, smart control automatically ensures air quality parameters by ex­tracting excessive humidity, supplying fresh air, returning most of the extracted air heat, and maintaining the required temperature of supplied air. The internal components and surfaces are made of corrosion-resistant materials thus ensuring perfect hygiene.

Why AmberAir Pool?

  • User-friendly control: SALDA AIR mobile app. 
  • Highly durable, hermetic casing SD50+ characteristic of the highest thermal resistance on the market (D1, L1, F9, T2, TB1) (also available 3 alternative casing options). 
  • Developed in accordance with the highest requirements of the German Standard VDI 2089.
  • Customized solution: the facilities may be arranged by choosing from a variety of available component options. 
  • Reliable: the selection program and the facilities have been certified by Eurovent Certita Certification.

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