Modular Air Handling Units

Modular Units

Non-standard compact AHU

The "AmberAir" CX H and CX V are designed to fulfill a client’s desire for a reliable, efficient, commercial compact air handling unit with the
flexibility of modular units. The certified selection software of VentMaster allows the design of the desired unit from a set of different components:
fans, heaters, by-pass dampers, filters, etc.

Available with vertical and horizontal connection as well as rotary heat exchanger version.

AmberAir CX H
AmberAir CX V


Modular Units

SALDA UAB devoted over 30 years to investigation, production, qualification of employees in order to create their own amber — a Eurovent certified series of modular Air Handling Units AmberAir. These units provide You complete freedom in search of air handling ideas: using 3D selection program an individual solution can be found from practically unlimited range of components and it can be transferred to technical design using Audesk Revit or dxf format.

Using Ventmaster makes selection of AmberAir quick and user-friendly:

• Simulation in a 3D environment;

• Price calculation and placing of orders directly (for registered users only);

• Exporting a drawing to a .dxf format;

• Exporting a drawing and technical data to Autodesk Revit;

• LCC calculations.

Choose an optimal option by using the LCC (operating costs) calculation program, which estimates costs to be incurred within the course of operation of the air handling unit by evaluating:

• The initial investment;

• Fan power consumption;

• Heating equipment power consumption, fuel or hot water consumption.

AmberAir EIOM
AmberAir IOM
AmberAir Roof Assembly

Hygienic Modular Units

Hygienic Modular Units

Salda AmberAir Hygienic unit was developed, tested and approved according new Eurovent Certita Certification standard for Hygienic Air Handling Units. In present days hygiene is critically important not only for hospitals but also for public buildings, new unit corresponds demand for clean and healthy air in wide areas of everyday life. Reliability and serviceability of the units are much higher than VDI 6022 standard requires. Salda Hygienic proves to be the most service friendly unit in the market. 


• Detailed specifications;

• Annual audits;

• Specific requirements for selection software.